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Cibáre Foods

Blueberry Almond - 12 Bars

Blueberry Almond - 12 Bars

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Chewy, sun-ripened blueberries & rich, creamy almond butter add a tasty boost of whole food energy anytime of day. Naturally sweetened with organic California dates & zero artificial anything.

  • 1 Billion Vegan Probiotics
  • 8 Grams of Pea Protein
  • Tangy, Unsweetened Blueberries
  • Creamy Almond Butter + Chopped Almonds
  • Organic Dates

Ingredients: Organic Dates, Almonds, Almond Flour, Blueberries, Pea Protein, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Sea Salt, Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086 (Probiotics).

Learn more about our ingredients.

Contains: Almonds. Made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk and eggs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Susanna A.
Ultra Blueberry!

These are some tasty bars! Good flavor! Very soft and fresh. Not too sugary! I really like the texture, not compacted or stiff & crazy chewy, they are more on a dense brownie texture side. I gave my little niece and nephew 1 each and they loved them!

If you are looking for a clean and gut friendly bar, definitely give these a try!

R. S.
Meets expectations!!

Tasty, healthy and filling! Great product!

Kirsten H.

This bar was quite delicious. I love that it is made of wholesome ingredients which makes it a healthy snack. Look forward to trying other flavors too.

Sarah G.

Absolutely tasty! I love to keep mine in the fridge. So good!

Hormoz K.
Excellent Energy Bar, I love it.

Excellent Energy Bar, I love it.

  • These Vegan Probiotics help support digestion and immune health while aiding in protein absorption.

  • Zero added sugars, zero sugar alcohols. We promise that Cibáre Bars will never contain a number other than zero in the “Added Sugars” row of our Nutritional Panel.

  • and soy free, and non-GMO, and vegan, and never heated during get the gist.

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What's the texture of this bar?

These are not your typical date-based bars - they aren't sticky or taffy-like. Instead, they have a super velvety texture, inspired by soft, doughy, freshly-baked cookies.

Does this flavor contain peanuts?

Nope! Our Blueberry Almond flavor is made with creamy almond butter and chopped, raw almonds that pack the perfect crunch.

Is this bar vegan?

Of course! All of our bars are 100% vegan.