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Where did the name Cibáre come from?

The Italian word “Cibare” (/t͡ʃiˈba.re/ - ci-bar-re) means ‘to nourish’. John and Maddy, the father and daughter team behind Cibáre Foods, have blended their Italian heritage and their love of food, family, and adventure to present to our extended customer family the cleanest, best tasting probiotic protein bars on the planet.

Are Cibáre bars Organic?

Cibáre bars are not certified organic at this time, but this is on the horizon!

Are Cibáre bars Vegan?

Yes, all of our bars are vegan.

Do Cibáre bars contain added sugars?

Never, not even sneaky ones. The sweetness in our bars comes from mother nature’s organic dates.

Are Cibáre bars Non-GMO?

Yes, our bars do not contain any GMOs.

Are Cibáre bars Soy Free?

Yes, our bars do not contain any soy derivatives, including soy protein and and soy lecithin.

Are Cibáre bars Gluten Free?

Yes, our bars are gluten-free

How many grams of protein are in Cibáre bars?

Each of our bars contains at least 8 grams of plant-based protein.

What are the benefits of the probiotics in Cibáre bars?

Probiotics are widely understood to help support immune function and digestive health while enhancing protein utilization when consumed in quantities of 1 billion CFU.

Are Cibáre bars sweetened using sugar substitutes like Stevia, Brown Rice Syrup, Monk Fruit, Tapioca Fiber, or Agave Syrup?

Absolutely not. We make Cibáre bars clean and simple with recognizable ingredients. We do not add any extra sweeteners to our bars, nor are they contained in trace amounts in any of our raw ingredients.

What natural flavors are used in your bars?

We use Natural Chocolate Flavor in our Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bar and Natural Blueberry Flavor in our Blueberry Almond Bar.

Why are Cibáre bars shipped in insulated containers?

Our bars are intended to be enjoyed at room temperature. However, in warmer weather we take extra care with shipping materials to ensure the texture of our bars is not compromised during transit.

Can I eat Cibáre bars past their best by date?

Our bars are similar to other consumer packaged goods where the best by date is not an expiration date, but a suggested consume by date to ensure great taste and texture. Our bars are not tested beyond their best by date and we recommend customers use their best judegment with products beyond their best by date.