Elevate Your Mountain Adventure

Elevate Your Mountain Adventure

On-the-Go Goodness

Conquering the slopes or hitting the trail shouldn’t require decoding a complex nutritional puzzle. At Cibáre, we believe in keeping it simple. Our Protein Bars are like the trusty trail map of nutrition, guiding you with familiar, plant-based ingredients you'd find in your kitchen. No PhD in Food Science needed – just the good stuff that fuels your journey.

Convenience Packed with Nutrients

  • 1 Billion Vegan Probiotics
    • Think of BC30™ as your trail buddy. Activating in your gut, this unique vegan probiotic strain delivers benefits for digestive health, immune support, and optimal protein utilization. With 1 billion Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) per bar, it's like having a team of wellness experts cheering you on with every bite.
  • Pea Protein Power
    • Our soy-free pea protein is your nutritional compass. Loaded with essential amino acids, iron, and branched-chain amino acids, it's not just fuel; it's a recovery potion for the trail warrior in you. Easily digestible and nutrient-packed, it's the secret sauce for peak performance.

Sweetened by Nature, Tastes Great

  • Organic Dates
    • Harvested on sunny California farms, our organic dates add a touch of natural sweetness to our bars. With 50% more potassium than a banana, these little gems are rich in antioxidants and fiber. Say goodbye to added sugars or sugary substitutes – we promise a deliciously sweet flavor without a sticky, taffy texture.
  • Blueberries & Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Chips
    • Experience the real deal with our naturally delicious blueberries, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals supporting brain health. And our organic unsweetened chocolate chips? A big deal indeed! No added sugars hiding behind the label – just pure, indulgent chocolate to elevate your taste experience.
  • Almonds & Peanuts
    • Trail mix, meet the protein-packed power duo. Heart-healthy almonds and protein-rich peanuts are your companions, providing the nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats you need to conquer any mountain challenge. Consider them your trailside cheerleaders, keeping you energized and focused.

Fuel Your Ascent with Cibáre

When the trail calls, your nutrition should be as straightforward as the path ahead. Cibáre's Protein Bars are more than snacks; they're your trail mix upgrade, your energy boost, and your flavorful summit reward. Shop now and experience the simplicity of peak performance!

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